Friday, 28 March 2008

Crumpler Cork and Fork Photojournalist Trial on!

It must be torture for them, but working photojournalists are a big part of the product development program at Crumpler HO, mainly because we take our time perfecting things before even they can test drive...

Having said that they're easily pleased, usually grunting "as long as it works I don't care!" before throwing the fully laden (their gear) sample down the winding turret staircase.
Anyhow head over to to hear what Cameron Tandy has to say about the final final final sample of Crumpler's new Cork and Fork roller carry on roll on backpack thingy.

Bike Hugger gets Crumpler BAGS

Get em HERE!

Losing it, on TIGS, Crumpler style...

This post reminds me to wax on about absolutely everything I know about NOT losing one's rather important bags! LOVE IT!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Giant Squirrels Conquer Adelaide City!

More details as they arise! Crumpler Adelaide : 10 Gawler Place : 08 8232 8272...

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The 6th Angry Film Festival

Proudly supported by Crumpler! Cliquez ze flyer for the LOW-Down!

Crumpler Complete Seed & Part and Parcel Review on Men's Flair

Commuter & Dad Bag Test: Crumpler – Funny Name, Good Bag
"Dad Bag" - that's a good one and potentially has even more potential than the ubiquitous "Man Bag! Anyhoo, here's a a review of two Crumpler (over the) shoulder bags from a chap who actually test drove each bag - how's that for initiative :-)

Thursday, 20 March 2008

We got it, you wants it: Sacs Appeal !!!

Brought to you by, Crumpler Custom Casings, Barons and Sydney!

We're all for a good, no, great cause! Even betterer if it involves an arty event and charitable auction, and when the auction is of Crumpler Custom Bags sublimated by local artistes, by our sublime local artisans: BLISS!!!

Catch the bags and the event at Sydney Arts Space, 302 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills on March 29th, from 6pm – 9pm. Rock out, drink eet, and lets sac it to yaz!

Vibewire Youth Services is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to providing young people with opportunities to engage with each other and the world ... (from teh webz)

Nice to see Barons are also on board - we last caught them (also as co-sponsors) at Deus for the Bicycle Film Festival Sydney launch party! Great minds DO drink alike :-)

Crumpler Newtown Reopens!...

Just a sneak peek!

The Crumpler shop in lovely Newtown, Sydney shut down the other week and reopened transformed, indeed transmorgified into the third Crumpler Custom Bag Shoppe - worldwide!

Sydney-siders can now get their personally embellished bags on locally and in apparently seriously fine style - at 305 King St, Newtown!

Thanks to the Sydney crew for the pics...

ArgusPhotography, I presume?

Oh Great Beard!
We were honoured with the presence of Mr Travis Beard, in person, at Crumpler HQ - signing some massive prints we made of a special pic he made of his personal Karachi Outpost (whilst waiting for a chopper to take him on an embed last time he was up the 'Stan/s).

Look out for the pic, soon, in the windows of selected Crumpler Shops in Melbourne and Sydney. We're also putting it on the back cover of our latest Pro Photo Swingtag catalogue/guide - out any minute!
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Skateistan! Proudly sponsored by Crumpler...

Read all about it at Argusphotography...
And come party with us at the fundraiser!!!
Via Slam Skate Mag

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Crumpler - USA trade show stand on The Design Files

Get the low-down on the Shop in Shop POP Booth at legendary blog The Design Files and look out for a follow up interview with booth designer Joel Adams...

Friday, 7 March 2008

Bring on the GOLDSPRINTS NYC!!!

MT9goldsprints-flyer-final-2, originally uploaded by crissfyah.

Also sponsored by Crumpler :-)