Friday, 30 July 2010

Kransky reviewed!!! Not your average sausage...

My folks love 'em (sailing gear and over-nighting) , my son uses one for his b'ball kit (grey Old Banger) - even industry behemoth Bicycling loves Crumpler's new holdall....

Crumpler Sponsors Backyard BLAM HoleShot!

Wish I could be there for the absolutely INSANE attractions! Check it out - it's inspirational... rocks Apple Expo 2010

Crumpler Canada big cheese Jason made a splash at the Apple Expo - with a hyper minimal booth no less. Proves that if you give 'em enough rope...

Thursday, 29 July 2010

"Museum quality" old Crumpler bag to borrow for company 15 year anniversary exhibition

We are having a 15 year anniversary exhibition at the MCA in Sydney later this year!

Best bags get photographed for a catalogue.
Best of the best bags requested to actually be in the exhibit itself...
Please send a mobile phone photo of your bag :-)
Cheers, Ben ( ben at crumpler dot com dot au)


FYI, by "Museum Quality" I meant to suggest "worthy of a museum exhibit" - not "mint condition". We want to borrow bags for the exhibit from back in the day, warts and all!

I believe the era we're looking for is rectangular (plastic) logo Crumpler bags, and bags that had custom logos (and those bags that came before that???) - no logos on the quick-flick buckle (unless updated/repaired).

Or earliest woven label bags with strap sewn flat onto the side (not in on an angle)!

These were made in Stu's garage or workshops in Kew (canvas bags), Flinders Lane and Brunswick St workshops (striped and custom) from around 1995-1999.

Ben Richards Photographer Crumpler 6 Chelmsford St, Kensington, VIC 3031