Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Crumpler at the Cairns DH World Cup 2014!

                                                                                    Pic courtesy of Sean Lee

One of our great buddies and top notch videographer/editor Petri was at the recent World Cup DH event in Cairns... He had this to say:

"First time I used the rain jacket on my camera bag, it saved my arse. Bag was buried in mud half the time"

Take a peek at his clip and you'll see what he's on about...

CAIRNS WC#2- 2014 from Petrifilms on Vimeo.

Petri says:

"--Crumpler have been supporting my adventures for many years now. With true ethics and a range of awesome products I've always turned to them for solutions to carry all my gear around.

Last weekend I spontaneously ended up filming at the World Cup Downhill #2 in Cairns, Australia. The weather took a turn for the worse and the venue quickly became a quagmire of mud, clay and heavy heavy rain.

I've been using one of their older bags for conditions like this (I didn't want to get my shiny new bags dirty just yet) and for the first time I've needed to use the rain jacket that came standard with the back pack.

This bag has been in used extensively in snow, sand, bull dust and it took tropical storms for me to actually require the rain jacket. Amazingly all of my gear was saved and not a drop of water or mud made it through.... I was thrilled and grateful as many other cinematographers and media people suffered damage and the common theme was everyone's cameras breaking due to excessive moisture ingestion.

Thanks again Crumpler, your bags excelled and I can't wait to get a chance to try and destroy some of the current range in the worst nature has to offer.

Big props, Petri."

‘Gear of the Year’ in Outside Magazine!!!

Looks like I outlasted the Courier too ;)

Anyhow we have some great news to share!

The Vis-à-Vis 78cm trunk was recently awarded ‘Gear of the Year’ in Outside Magazine’s Summer Buyer’s Guide 2014 (US).

The Outside Magazine Summer Buyer's Guide not only highlights the very best in adventure gear, from sports equipment, tools, and gadgets to footwear, outerwear, and sunglasses, but also calls out the best value in each class.
In its 19th year, the annual Summer Buyer's Guide reaches over 1.4 million frequent gear purchasers.

How's that for a strong debut in the world of fine luggage: GO TEAM!

Check out the whole range here: and get travelin!