Friday, 28 November 2008

Seedy Saaac Safe!!! Former Crumpler Retail Manager Escapes Bombay Terror

Crumpler staff, gathered at head office today to celebrate the birthdays of our James (the warehouse) and Jimmy (the van), were shocked and relieved to hear the breaking news of former Crumpler Adelaide retail manager Isaac Zalme's (Seedy Saaac) escape from the terror attacks in Mumbai, India.
Full details HERE and or HERE .

Monday, 17 November 2008

Crumpler made a fine example of for NYC VC

Vexed? Googleplexed? Fred Wilson uses the Crumpler Custom Shoppe at 49, 8th Ave. West Village, New York as an example of what Google can do at street level to boost their relevance to businesses and customers, and in turn boost Google stock.

I'd have to add there is just so much potential there for businesses - I myself look forward to being able to link a virtual reality panorama our shop interior from say the Google street view of the Shoppe's exterior!

Sinking Barge by Gear Gals!!!

Gear Gals got their mits on the Sinking Barge laptop photo backpack - but it didn't set their world on fire*!* These Gals don't seem to have that base need to have a compact D-SLR kit and laptop etc with themselves at ALL times. On the other hand, give them time and they might just come around to that state of gear-headedness, maybe :-) But if you're a Gal or shopping for a gal - get the intel on a bunch of outdoorsy stuff here!

BFF / Portable Mash-up is ON!

Can't make the BFF? Then head over to Portable Film Festival to download some mobile-phone-friendly bicycle film MASTERPIECES!

Spamventdocuments the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival!

Sydney-sider Justin Fox has blogged his impressions of the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival at Spamventdocument!
Wish I was there, but the BFF rolls into Melbourne this week and as usual Crumpler is a major supporter, see you there!

Six of the best for netbooks from Computer World

Computer World takes a peek at bags for netbooks, including the very stylish Crumpler Breakfast Buffet.
Click here to skip to page 2 of the review and scroll down!
Other compact Crumpler choices for netbook bags are the Yee-Ross and Bumper Issue hydration backpacks, the Moderate Embarrassment and Hee-Goer shoulder/sling/messenger bags, and if you have a slip case for your netbook, just about any of our bags!
Thoughtfully and especially for netbook owners with limited internet browsing ability, Computer World also included a link to the Crumpler Lite Site - no flash :-)

A netbook is a relatively recent and highly relevant notebook/laptop product category, focused on light weight and a small form factor along with an operating system optimised for basic websurfing and e-mail functionality, a handy by-product being enhanced portability and battery life.