Monday, 17 November 2008

Six of the best for netbooks from Computer World

Computer World takes a peek at bags for netbooks, including the very stylish Crumpler Breakfast Buffet.
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Other compact Crumpler choices for netbook bags are the Yee-Ross and Bumper Issue hydration backpacks, the Moderate Embarrassment and Hee-Goer shoulder/sling/messenger bags, and if you have a slip case for your netbook, just about any of our bags!
Thoughtfully and especially for netbook owners with limited internet browsing ability, Computer World also included a link to the Crumpler Lite Site - no flash :-)

A netbook is a relatively recent and highly relevant notebook/laptop product category, focused on light weight and a small form factor along with an operating system optimised for basic websurfing and e-mail functionality, a handy by-product being enhanced portability and battery life.


David Ross said...

Crumpler bags are nearly the cost of the netbooks. I have been looking at them as they have funky designs but i think they are over priced. I ended up getting a messenger bag which was much cheaper, dont get me wrong might not be as funky but still does the same job.

Big BAD Benny said...

thanks for the comment but I reckon a Crumpler would outlast both your netbook and bag!