Monday, 31 December 2007

The Hoax Crumpler Bag Review on Triple Crankset

Get the lowdown on Crumpler's the Hoax medium sized shoulder bag at Triple Crankset!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Doing the research: 4 or 5 Million Dollar Home for a wee Canon kit?

One of the main things I love about social networking websites and the whole web 2.0 thing is the democritisation of knowlege, and as we know knowlege is power, power in this case or ahhh bag to make the right choice and avoid the disappointment and hassle of needing to return and exchange a perfectly good item that was too big or small.

Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you to research your baggy purchases, online, trying flickr groups, or the forums and communities on the many excellent photo dedicated sites such as DPReview, Fred Miranda,, SmugMug, the list goes on including of course the dedicated bag-camera equipment site in order to get the maximum satifaction from what is the most important interface between you and your prized camera equipment.

As for this post, a discusion on whether smaller is better or bigger is beautiful, it's a great example of the community spirit you'll find on flickr - opinions expressed, n00bs tolerated, positions considered - I LOVE it!

Monday, 3 December 2007

Douggie! and the Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home

There's a new character in the Crumpler universe, Ladies and Gentlemen... meet DOUGGIE! Chef, Dee-Jay and exotic kilt styler Douggie is a true post-renaissance man for this modern age and as we found out - had just the patience to endure a week shooting 360's of Crumpler's finest, including our range-topping Brazillion Dollar Home. This indeed was an exceptional occasion, being the inaugural shoot in our new photo studio at Crumpler HO in Kensington. (more on which, later...) Eventually you'll find Douggie in the detail pics on each and every Crumpler Product Page, demonstrating exactly how big or little the bags are, and how they look from all angles. We made the 360's on a Crumpler Built turntable (thanks Joel!) using a Quantum radio remote triggered Nikon D2x w/ 17-35 AFS, and my Speedlight kit, comprising an SU-800, 2 x SB-800's, 3x SB-600's a lone SB-26 and lot of Crumpler Made light modifiers! I processed the raw files in DXO Pro Optics and assembled the .gif's in CS2. A huge task which is by no means over... A BIG cheers to everyone who helped out :-)

And check out the response on X Marks the Scot!

So glad they appreciate the sporran joke!

Crumpler Customer Q&A: Camera Bag for Panasonic DMC FZ 18


Could you please advise me of the bag you would recommend for a Panasonic DMC FZ 18 digital camera with spare battery etc

Thanks, Mate



The Bundle L or 1 Million Dollar Home should do the trick!

the main differences (see tech specs) are colourways, strap width, internal divider supplied or not and belt attachment provision on the rear of bag (I'll let u work all that out! :-)

Here's a pic with a Canon S2IS

Here's an Amazon Crumpler review on the 1 Million Dollar Home.

From memory, these Pana digicams have a huge reversible hood, if you want to stash the cam with that in the shooting position, you might go up a size to the 2 Million Dollar Home, then you'll also be ready to upgrade to an entry level D-SLR w/ standard lens.
Let me know how you fare... BBB)))

Friday, 16 November 2007

Parting Shot

Parting Shot : Crumpler is a proud sponsor of the Ultimo Tafe graduate photography exhibition!

Saturday, 27 October 2007

~Spam~s Film Bag

My Film Bag, originally uploaded by -spam-.

Nice pic of a 6 Million Dollar Home and ahhh contents.
My very first 'serious' camera was the lovely and versatile 1954 Rolleiflex Automat II so I can understand ~Spam~'s bent.

Check out the rest of the awesome 6 MDH pics from the What's in your camera bag pool, HERE!

Crumpler Customer Q&A: 6 Million Dollar Home vs. 7 Million Dollar Home!


Hi There,
Am considering a camera bag after adding some new gadgets - I'm looking at
6 Million Dollar Home & 7 Million Dollar Home. It seems to me that 6 MDH is bigger than 7 MDH - true? I'm not near a Crumpler shop so I won't able to compare the size...would you able to give me advice?

I'm looking for a bag to fit in my camera+kit lens,1 flash and 3 extra lenses ( 1 wide angle lens (around 10 cm long), 1 compact lens (around 10 cm long), 1 50mm lens ( around 5 cm long)) and of course compartments for filters & battery

Eyes say it's 6 MDH, but again, i'm not sure..
Thanks & hope to hear from you soon.



Hi there,
I'd say a 6 Million Dollar Home should be fine for your needs, it's (obviously) a little more compact than the 7 Million Dollar Home too.

You can check internal pics here.

The internal configuration pics are on the left hand side. Scroll L-R for more, click to enlarge.

Lastly, check out this post for more search techniques and to see how the 7 Million Dollar Home is more suited to some users.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further information or assistance. BBB)))

Crumpler Customer Q&A: Stashing a rather nice Canon Kit! 6 Million Dollar Home vs. 7 Million Dollar Home!

Hi, and thanks for your quick response!

I have to choose between a 6 Million Dollar Home or a 7 Million Dollar Home.
My photo gear to be carried in the bag will be a Canon EOS 5D with grip and a 24-105/4 mounted and a 70-200/2,8 IS, both with hood (can be reversed)
and an additional 16-35/2,8 II plus a 580 EX flash and some smaller items..
I would like the bag as small as possible, but at the same time adequate for my gear.
Is there any equipment in your inventory that will help to keep the flap pocket tidy?
What are these two bags called in Europe?
Best regards

Hi Cobber!
My feeling is that the 7 million Dollar Home will suit this equipment.
See below for my Nikon equipment, both in and out of the bag.

Generally for these internal pic I try not to overfill or cram the bags with gear, so as not to induce unrealistic expectations as to the fit.

The F100 + grip is similarly sized to the 5D + grip combo as are the 70-200mm AFS VR / L IS pair.
Ditto the 20-35mm f/2.8D / 16-35mm L.

I have the body/grip face down with a fairly short 14mm f/2.8 mounted, the 5D + grip and 24-105mm should fit fine (I guess it's shorter overall than the 70-200, for instance), just support the body with the padding.

The 16-35mm should take up the space i used for an extra speedlight, speedlight controller, 10.5mm fisheye and the Joby Gorillapods.

From memory, I put 2 speedlights next to each other. top left, the 20-35 below it, bottom left.
The SU-800 controller and 10.5mm fisheye were stashed either side of the downward pointing camera body 14mm lens combo.

the 7 Million Dollar Home (above).

The 6 Million Dollar Home (above). This could be good for your gear but as you can see in the pic, the big battery grip on the 5D would be the 'deal breaker'.

For a bigger bodied camera (with a grip) and a coupla extras, the 6 Mill is a perfect compact bag!

The Million Dollar Homes are light but tough, they have a plastic stiffening layer on the bottom, but please don't ever drop the bag!

As for Crumpler Europe product, I'm not sure - I suggest you browse their website and look at the 'Pretty Boy' series.

We make a range of pouches that can affix to the bags side or main straps - the Thirsty Al's

and the Bundle

these could help you keep organized!

- Also try a flickr search:
Change the "6" to a "7" in the search box to see the difference.

- And try a search on CamBags : Use the search term: Crumpler "6 Million" after hitting the "search" button top left on this page:
or hit this link:

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further information or assistance. BBB))

Crumpler Part and Parcel review on Systematic Viewpoints

It seems one good review leads to another!
Check out the review HERE and find out how Systematic Viewpoints overcame the lack of external pockets on a Crumpler Part and Parcel.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Sacks for Ya Back! at the Crumpler Custom bag Shop, Fitzroy Melbourne

October 2007 pedestrians at the corner of George and Smith Streets, in Fitzroy, witnessed an explosion at the intersection of our craft and your art!

As part of the Melbourne Fringe 25 Years celebrations, artists were invited to submit their designs for 25 "art bags" rendered in stitches and fabric by our master-custom-bag-crafts-peeps.

The exhibition has concluded and we are currently photographing the 25 bags in the new photo studio in Kensington, before sending these masterpieces of custom bag art out to the lucky winners!

The hi-res pics will be posted on flickr and reported here on Crumplerfied!

Get the lowdown on Sacks for Ya Back HERE

One of the winners, JEN has blogged about her bag HERE and HERE

Monday, 15 October 2007

Customer Q&A: Crumpler bag for Nikon D2x, lenses and cargo.


Hi Guys,
I already have several Crumpler bags, but have been unable to find exactly what I need this time around.

I have a Nikon D2X (quite a large SLR) and I am looking for a back pack that can take the camera, a couple of lenses, but also has a compartment for other stuff (clothes, drinks, etc). Your Sinking Barge is (almost) perfect, but the camera compartment is just a little too small. Do you have another bag that you can recommend?

Also, If you do have such a bag, is it available in Japan? The retailers here that stock your product don't have a bag that fits (other than the 7 million dollar home, which I already have).

Thanks in advance,


Hi Cobber,
I'm a D2x user and among the Crumpler Bags I use are:

the Customary Barge (17" version of the Sinking Barge) ~ not a lot bigger in the camera compartment, but enough for D2x w/ 14mm f/2.8 or 17-35mm f/2.8 attached and an SB-800 on one side and a 10.5mm f/2.8 or 55mm f/1.2 on the other. If I need my 70-200mm f2.8 as well I wrap it and stow it in the upper cargo compartment.
a Bucket or Bunion photo insert for Western Lawn or Barney Rustle Blanket in a Complete Seed messenger bag. This is the medium Bucket in a large bag. This Bucket can float about inside a little, but I use the extra space for cargo, which wedges it in somewhat. I can fit the D2x with any medium sized lens (see above) and compartmentalize the rest of the insert for extra lenses, speedlights etc.
* Pics here , here (in a Dreadful Embarrassment) and as far as I know, this bucket also fits in the Cashmere Blazer laptop shoulder bag.

* Beware keeping water bottles inside the bag. As the Crumpler bags are water resistant, inside and out it, can take a while to realize that your bottle is leaking, disaster ensuing! Use a water bottle holder available from any good sports or camping shop to externally attach the bag. Modern hydration bladders are very sophisticated and strong, but I'd also exercise caution using these internally.

*The local distributor in Japan should be able to help you.

*Please feel free to contact me should you require some more alternatives! e.g Brazillion Dollar Home, Bucket insert in laptop shoulder bag
Cashmere Blazer , or if you'd like to get more specific, e.g. particular lenses, bags or backpacks.

At your service, cheers, BBB)))

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Dan McWeeny's Part and Parcel on RedMonkTV

Uber open source evangelists RedMonk have tapped into the symbiotic relationship between bags , geeks and their toys.

Check out the video interview/review with globe trotting super SAPper and proud Crumpler Part and Parcel owner Mr McWeeney, on RedMonkTV.

If you'd like a similar bag but with extra space for a change of costume try the larger Horseman or Cashmere Blazer notebook shoulder bags... YEAH BABY!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

So, you wanna buy a Crumpler camera bag or backpack?

If you are considering purchasing a Crumpler photo bag or backpack and require a little more info than already available in the "Check Tech Specs" section on the product pages on the Crumpler website and, secondly, if a local retailer is unavailable, then a third option could be to search for crumpler photo bag reviews at ...

CamBags has been going a few years now and thus they have a huge selection of independent, user submitted reviews available to assist your decision making process and a wealth of photos to illustrate the facts!

It's not exhastive, foolproof or perfect, but if you have an idea of the model of bag that has piqued your interest and add this name after the "Crumpler" in the search box, Google and Cambags will take care of the rest! eg: "Crumpler 5 Million"

This process will also work to some extent if you add a simplified version of you camera's name to the"Crumpler" search term. eg: "Crumpler 1D"

The CamBags site is also searchable specifically by camera model or by bag type.

I'll be using this blog to build a toolbox of resources to assist the Crumpler camera bag purchase process, so look out for more "toolbox" tips!

Friday, 5 October 2007

The 10 Minutes Crumpler Karachi Outpost Review, @Peaz

A quick and concise summation of the venerable Karachi Outpost, Crumpler's flagship security endowed, convertible photo/17" MBP laptop backpack can be found @Peaz!

The Karachi Outpost is the bigger sibling to the Whickey and Cox...

Crumpler Whickey and Cox review at Loosely Speaking

Head over to

Loosely Speaking for a well thought out review of Crumpler's Whickey and Cox convertible photo/laptop backpack.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Crumpler West Village Custom Shop Halloween Window Display

100_7695, originally uploaded by Big BAD Benny.

A stunning example of why we work with the best, then let 'em off the hook with an open brief, to let those creative instincts run WILD!!!

Our NYC windows are taken care of by June Glasson who we were equally lucky to have on the team for InterBike, our recent tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Find the Crumpler Custom Bag Shop NYC HERE.

Hit the pic for the full set on

Four Tips to Buying a Gadget Bag at A Bugged Life

Good advice from: A Bugged Life !

EOS 1D mkIII kit in Crumpler Barney Rustle Blanket and Bucket Ben2007.05.24.001

Take a peek at the comments on this pic for a customer's opinion on acquiring bags...

And should you require some specialized assistance, just drop me a line!
I'm here for your personal edification and esteem...

Crumpler at InterBike Las Vegas 07!

We had an absolutely awesome show, needless to say I'm still in recovery...
This was our third year running at InterBike and the tide is certainly turning in our favor after all the hard work and persistence, not to mention the fantastic presentation and great products!

Here's the first substantial review from the show:
- on the wonderful Commute by Bike blog...

And of course I'll be getting my pics up asap!

Crumpler at Melbourne Fringe

Crumpler Ltd Ed Fringe Headaitch available here and here !

Crumpler has a fairly low profile, in terms of conventional print marketing.
Because we put the bulk our sponsorship brass towards crazy ultra creative stuff like the MPU!!!

As a part of the Digtial Fringe the MPU or Mobile Projection Unit takes culture jamming to the streets of Melbourne.

Stay tuned for pics!

Animoto RocknRoller Racing at the DoubleDown Saloon

I love animoto!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Rock n' Roll Racing at the Double Down Saloon!


Dateline: InterBike Las Vegas 07

- Crumpler , Surly, Kreitler Rollers and LeVeL Components sponsored GoldSprintsNYC Rock n' Roller Racing at the legendary DoubleDown Saloon in luverly Las Vegas, baby!

Check out the slide show of the big edit: HERE


About the DoubleDown:

it's an oasis of reality in alternative universe, open 24hrs, you can never leave 'cos the carpet is too sticky, try the Bacon Martini - for breakfast!
In short, I love it!
It can be found at the back of a somewhat dilapidated strip mall, off Paradise, map HERE! It's Rock n Roll grunge Heaven!


After dragging ourselves (the Crumpler Crew) away from a frenetic first day of Interbike '07, we hit Nobu (above) at the LV HardRock for a high protein + carbs hit (aka sushi :)

and then onto get the party started at DoubleDown,
which is just up and over the road a bit...


The GetSum Entertainment chaps were all set up and good to go, and the battles began in earnest!

Gym rat and Crumpler USA GM, Lindsay decimated myself 17-19 secs after I put in an "easy" start WTH? - learnt my mistake, never again!
Hey send me a pic if you have one - I was busy spinning!

Next up was Crumpler.Ca's Jason vs. Dave grudge match which saw ex-messenger Dave annihilate former parasailer now big cheese Jason, definitively.


Finalizing our efforts was Bianca ("not a sprinter!" - Marketing USA) vs. June - (Up for anything/NYC Window Dressing supremo)... which despite concerted coaching efforts on my behalf (spin, SPIN!!!) saw June KO the pale rider from Williamsburg...


In between all this dilettante action (:-) the real hard men and women of GoldSprints ripped it to pieces culminating in a best-of-night time down in the 15 second area. A crowd of sweaty bikers sunk the brews as the DJ cranked out punk and rock classics and a bodacious burlesque beauty:ben2007092714NX.142.lo did her thing on the covered pool tables for major tippage.

Here's another tip: don't jump the bike off the rollers or it'll be 10 on the floor for you, like this hapless chap:


All of which proves that if you're lucky enough to have this Kirin-in-a-box styled event come to a venue near you, then don't hesitate to race, it's an absolute blast - regardless of your skill level.



With the sushi worn off, confident in the night's success, and another long day at the show beckoning, we dragged ourselves off for a midnight feast and a few hours shuteye, thanks GoldSprints NYC!!!

More pics and gory detail available over at - just click one of the above pics to be transported!
Whilst you are over there please feel free to leave some comments and captions behind... BBB)))


Welcome to Crumplerfried!

I've been on for a few years now, and keeping a blog is the perfect companion to a healthy flickr account, giving the ability to flesh out the photo sets with some extra background info and detail.
I also intend to share links to some of my favorite tech, photo and music sites and blogs, in addition to reporting on instances where Crumpler, the company I represent, appears in same, on the web.