Thursday, 11 October 2007

So, you wanna buy a Crumpler camera bag or backpack?

If you are considering purchasing a Crumpler photo bag or backpack and require a little more info than already available in the "Check Tech Specs" section on the product pages on the Crumpler website and, secondly, if a local retailer is unavailable, then a third option could be to search for crumpler photo bag reviews at ...

CamBags has been going a few years now and thus they have a huge selection of independent, user submitted reviews available to assist your decision making process and a wealth of photos to illustrate the facts!

It's not exhastive, foolproof or perfect, but if you have an idea of the model of bag that has piqued your interest and add this name after the "Crumpler" in the search box, Google and Cambags will take care of the rest! eg: "Crumpler 5 Million"

This process will also work to some extent if you add a simplified version of you camera's name to the"Crumpler" search term. eg: "Crumpler 1D"

The CamBags site is also searchable specifically by camera model or by bag type.

I'll be using this blog to build a toolbox of resources to assist the Crumpler camera bag purchase process, so look out for more "toolbox" tips!

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