Saturday, 13 October 2007

Dan McWeeny's Part and Parcel on RedMonkTV

Uber open source evangelists RedMonk have tapped into the symbiotic relationship between bags , geeks and their toys.

Check out the video interview/review with globe trotting super SAPper and proud Crumpler Part and Parcel owner Mr McWeeney, on RedMonkTV.

If you'd like a similar bag but with extra space for a change of costume try the larger Horseman or Cashmere Blazer notebook shoulder bags... YEAH BABY!


Cote' said...

Thanks for posting the video ;) Do you know a place in Austin Texas that sells Crumpler bags? I keep leaning on getting on one, but I'd like to check a bunch of them out first.

Big BAD Benny said...

There are a bunch of stores in Austin, use our dealer locator/store finder at, hit the "hook us up" telephone icon on the front page, then hit the "Store Finder" button on the right hand side.
Any problems give me a shout or get on to customer service at Crumpler USA HO in Brooklyn: 718 384 3020...
BBB))) Crumpler evangelist... - i LOVE it!