Sunday, 11 January 2009

Crumpler Cork and Fork Photo Roller Reviewed at

An excellent review by John Biehler at his eponymous blog, the feller takes a mean picture too.
Rather relevant as he uses the case for it's intended purpose: transporting a bunch of gear via commuter jet.
There's a pic, too, of the bags ON the luggage measuring device, nearly there!
By way of an excuse - I'd like to point out that the bag was designed to those dimensions cumulatively (H + W +D = target dimension) not verbatim. That is, the dimensions differ slightly, but overall the volume is within limits.
At any rate, the John and the crew had no problemo with the bag as a roll-on - probaly they were too busy drooling over it's obvious style, class and customised features ;-) Nice, REAL nice!

Additionally John has written a bunch on Crumpler, not all of which I have previously linked, but you can get it all (scroll down the page) HERE!

$5 Mill up for grabs at DPS AGAIN!!! LOVE IT!

One of the world's VERY best online photo-community-blogs thing, the legendary Digital Photography School, aka DPS to it's friends, is offering readers the chance to win a Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home shoulder/sling photo bag AGAIN! Just participate in their Weekly Assignment... Which is always accessible via their Blog page. Love ya, DPS...

Saturday, 10 January 2009

5 Million Dollar Home Review an Embarassment of Slickness!

Samuel Seth reviews his new home, the 5 Million Dollar Home that is, and treats us to a wealth of great photos as well. Love those fade away internal /externals! Definitely an inspiration for me...
He ain't joking about the Slick Pix bit - for sure!