Thursday, 11 December 2008

Leo Laksi Leica Travel with Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home!

Taking his second crack at our wonderful brand of bags, Mr Laksi 's review of Crumpler's Seven Million Dollar Home is a corker - pure camera pr0n!

I found or re-found this review via Google Alert which sent me this, this morn! We're in there, somewhere... Danger - handsome camera bag warning!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Our gift to YOU - get nekkid - get stencilled - this weekend at Meredith !

You've got the hottest ticket in town, now go the whole hog! If you still have the required energy, or have the means to recreate it, this Sunday at Meredith Music Festival, punters can literally go in the (naked) running for a cool dozen Custom Crumpler Bags on offer to participants in the Meredith Gift nude running race, hosted by the Town Bikes.
This pic is from our inaugural sponsorship year - 2003?

Full details on the race, it's history, quirks and rules are to be found HERE, about halfway down the page. As usual the wonder-folk at the Crumpler Custom Shoppes have out done themselves with the prize bags. You can take a peek at some of my photos from previous years HERE - mind - may be NSFW - of course... :-)
See you under the BIG tree, stage right around 2pm!

Crumpler San Francisco Retail Location infested with Yahoo's!

Yahoo!Tech drops in on Crumpler USA's very first west-coast retail operation, a vending machine inspired shoppe at Westfield Mall in downtown San Fran. I'm hopefully visiting this outlet for the full photographic survey next March, on the flipslide of our BIG appearance at PMA Las Vegas '09 - Yaaahoooo!!!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Bugged by Crumpler Ambient Campaigning!

Jayvee cops and reviews the now legendary Crumpler bog-roll at the PhilMUG party in Manila, courtesy of the legendary Charlie Paw - our disty in the 'Pines...
Since making it's first big splash-down at InterBike Las Vegas this year, Crumpler bog-roll is available (gratis with purchase) at Crumpler shoppes in Australsia, Asia and North America till supplies crap out.
Like most fans, Jayvee has alas negelected to post any pics of his paint-by-numbers masterpieces tho' we live in hope...

Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home mini review by Foofookie

Thai blogger Foofookie proves that if you want something bad enough you'll get it, and ahhh... review it :-)

Friday, 5 December 2008

Thursday, 4 December 2008

BFF Hangover? Fix that!

Pardon the above pun, but all you dirty, smelly, cycling hippies (takes one to know one :-) can join Melbourne cultural icon and artiste, Andy White: the factory pilot at Fyxomatosis at his post - BFF / pre - Xmass-Perturbation Party, down by the river.
Track can't wait. Two wheels good is all...

Beer for Bags reprise on Mikes

Nice pic! :-)

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Digi-Scrapper nuts for 6 Million Dollar Home!

Digi-scrapper Jenny has a new bag - get the what where and why at Scraps & Shots!

Cork and Fork outed as ultimate Mac luxe on the Apple Core!

Read the esteemed Jason D. O'grady's impressions at The Apple Core or catch it abbreviated on Twitter! Here's hoping there's one under my Xmas tree :-)

Friday, 28 November 2008

Seedy Saaac Safe!!! Former Crumpler Retail Manager Escapes Bombay Terror

Crumpler staff, gathered at head office today to celebrate the birthdays of our James (the warehouse) and Jimmy (the van), were shocked and relieved to hear the breaking news of former Crumpler Adelaide retail manager Isaac Zalme's (Seedy Saaac) escape from the terror attacks in Mumbai, India.
Full details HERE and or HERE .

Monday, 17 November 2008

Crumpler made a fine example of for NYC VC

Vexed? Googleplexed? Fred Wilson uses the Crumpler Custom Shoppe at 49, 8th Ave. West Village, New York as an example of what Google can do at street level to boost their relevance to businesses and customers, and in turn boost Google stock.

I'd have to add there is just so much potential there for businesses - I myself look forward to being able to link a virtual reality panorama our shop interior from say the Google street view of the Shoppe's exterior!

Sinking Barge by Gear Gals!!!

Gear Gals got their mits on the Sinking Barge laptop photo backpack - but it didn't set their world on fire*!* These Gals don't seem to have that base need to have a compact D-SLR kit and laptop etc with themselves at ALL times. On the other hand, give them time and they might just come around to that state of gear-headedness, maybe :-) But if you're a Gal or shopping for a gal - get the intel on a bunch of outdoorsy stuff here!

BFF / Portable Mash-up is ON!

Can't make the BFF? Then head over to Portable Film Festival to download some mobile-phone-friendly bicycle film MASTERPIECES!

Spamventdocuments the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival!

Sydney-sider Justin Fox has blogged his impressions of the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival at Spamventdocument!
Wish I was there, but the BFF rolls into Melbourne this week and as usual Crumpler is a major supporter, see you there!

Six of the best for netbooks from Computer World

Computer World takes a peek at bags for netbooks, including the very stylish Crumpler Breakfast Buffet.
Click here to skip to page 2 of the review and scroll down!
Other compact Crumpler choices for netbook bags are the Yee-Ross and Bumper Issue hydration backpacks, the Moderate Embarrassment and Hee-Goer shoulder/sling/messenger bags, and if you have a slip case for your netbook, just about any of our bags!
Thoughtfully and especially for netbook owners with limited internet browsing ability, Computer World also included a link to the Crumpler Lite Site - no flash :-)

A netbook is a relatively recent and highly relevant notebook/laptop product category, focused on light weight and a small form factor along with an operating system optimised for basic websurfing and e-mail functionality, a handy by-product being enhanced portability and battery life.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Karachi Outpost Post...

Backpacker drops science on the Karachi Outpost photo/laptop bag and reaches a positive conclusion, via a technologically enhanced hike in the woods...
They must have been VERY serious as they also stashed a solar panel for wilderness powerups!
GO you good things!

Stranded with the designers... AGAIN

Its on again, landmark arcade The Strand, home of Crumpler's Sydney CBD retail location is having it's annual bunfight night - for Crumplerites, this means an opportunity to mix beer, bags and our new fully recycled and recyclable bog roll. What THE?
Get cha tix here!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Making the grade at

Back to school time in the US of - Check out for the LOWDOWN!
What's to be Embarassed about this bag - Crumpler lightweightified their signature notebook tote line, then made it in a multitude of college friendly colours. Classic.
I have used said bag - they are an awesome camera bag for a biggish D-SLR with a standard zoom or prime lens attached - I love to lug my camera in a big empty bag - the cam goes in the laptop slot.
The Dreadful Embarrassment, being the larger 17" (Mac) version is somewhat more useful: e.g. Laptop in the slot, and a padded camera insert (Bucket for Barney Rustle) stashed in the cargo area. Much more the overnighter, load lugger.
The Moderate is just that - tiny. More of a techno man-hand-bag thing, it has languished somewhat since the demise of the 12" Mac Power and iBooks, yet it's back to the bag of the moment status with the current ascendence of the micro portable, for whom it is a rather generously sized domstile.

Sizes, colors not to mention the styling and legendary durability? Thus concludes todays lesson!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

CipherCities Custom Crumpler Bag for Brisvegan Students

This looks to be great fun if from May 27 - July 6, you are:
A: in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia;
B: a Uni student,
C: amongst the forefront of mobile gaming development and have all the necessary techno accoutrements and skillz...
Cliquez ze web grabz for da full dee's...

Friday, 20 June 2008

8th Melbourne International Animation Festival now proudly sponsored by Crumpler!


MIAF 2008

Crumplerfried attended the launch night at ACMI and was totally blown away by the awesome selection of work previewed... more soon.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Imaginary Bags Bidders Bounty!

Building on the successes of previous Cumpler Custom art bag auctions for good causes and times,

Imaginary Bags report courtesy of local TV station WCCO...

avid punters witnessed the hotly contested auction seeing two of the priceless objets d' top a handsome half grand to the one lucky case connoisseur!

Big thanks to Yassira and all of the Sewers for the amazing job, everyone there was so impressed and couldn't stop raving about the excellent workmanship.

And could you blame them?

These wonders have to be seen to be truly appreciated and, I believe, still well undervalued by collectors everywhere.

A big thanks to the crew from One On One Bike Studio as seen on

Finally, how long can you stare at the Imaginary Bags?

Joels Adams Interview

Crumpler's Joel Adams gives a little insight into what goes on to get it done. One of many awesome interviews on The Design Files...

Stealth Sports Snappers Squirrel Sharp Shooters

Getty Images ace, Robert Cianflone who oft documents the prowess of Aussie sports heroes in the Gulf States, has nabbed this curious critter, a Crumpler Harry Hoard, the better to dodge the soveriegn state's national airline increasingly stringent carry on resrictions.

Is this but two Canon EOS 1D mk III bodies, a 70-200mm f/2.8 and a 580ex plus 14" Dell notebook with extend battery ensuring Rob has no hassles getting aboard with the bare minimum, whilst the bulk of his gear rides, as per usual, in the hold.

A Crumpler Industry Disgrace camera strap provides the padding!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

CrumplerABC art by Tin and Ed in Your Home Today!

Via inquiries at Crumpler dot com dot au... fan mail!

This lass has our entire catalogue on display, right side up of course.
Should your wall space be lacking if not for inspiration, then head to the Crumpler ABC!

Available from your local Crumpler Shoppe...

Crumpler HO Invaded by 17" Monsters! Heaven vs. Armageddon...

It's true, you do have to watch what you wish for!
After years of wishing, and with the prospect of shooting our notebook computer bags yet again, I finally cracked and began making enquiries about acquiring an affordable Mac 17" portable.
After a few calls to my extensive (Mac) network I was saying "YES" to our newest studio model, a spanking fresh, first generation MacBook Pro 17"!
Being a photog, having the latest and greatest is somewhat less of a priority, than if I was, say, a videographer. Being a first gen 2.16 Intel, it also maxes out on 2GB RAM, which so far has not been a problem anyway. On the other hand I could afford it, and how, the beast looked completely mint, which is how I'm attempting to keep it, with the aid of our esteemed cases. Thanks to the awesome Crumpler and Mac dealing crew at Emperors Mind for assisting me realise a dream.
Coincidentally, the same week, Crumpler genius designer Joel scored an even more affordable, yet pristine AlienWare 17" - barely portable (6Kg!) behemoth on account of his CADCAM peccadillo...
So... what?
In summary, this means We at Crumpler are now fully portable computer, desktop replacement sympathetic, which in turn, will eventuate in even better solutions for the lugging thereof!
In theory anyway...

Joel's 17-er commutes in a Cashmere Blazer, mine in a pistachio SH-17 School Hymn in a Twin Six Ltd. Ed. Seedy Three...

Newtown Flicks Festival - People's Choice Winner

Local traders Crumpler sponsored Newtown Flicks Film Festival - May 30th -June 1st.

From our esteemed colleagues in Sydney:
Greetings Cinephiles! Just thought you might be interested to see the winner of the People's Choice/ Audience Revenge Award, at this year's Newtown Flicks Short Film Festival, Sydney.
Matt Maguire who did everything (including casting his Dad in the lead role) on his movie, Kon, is pictured with his winning prize - a custom made Newtown Flicks Bag courtesy of Crumpler Custom Bag Shop, 305 King St, Newtown! Genius!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Next Wave Crumplers!

*Draw your lot Here*

Who knows what bag awaits pilgrims to the official site of the 2008 Next Wave Festival, recently concluded in inflammatorarily techno burlesque spectacle at...


Everybody's Free - Nightclub2 site of only the second ever Crumpler Loo Lavatory Toilet Dunny Thunderbox Crapper Sponsorship thus providing patrons with a viable alternative to doing the unthinkable (yet some how alluring) in, or on, one of our tradeshow booths, or shop in shop retail sites.

Room with a view...
Crumpler Next Wave 2008 Super Club 2 Sponsorship Loo

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Crumpler Sanitation Design Team, who painstakingly laser scrimshawed the intricate designs into virgin melaminomine, patrons were truly afforded a privy without peer.


Crumpler Next Wave 2008 Super Club 2 Sponsorship Loo
Sublime acts..
Crumpler Next Wave 2008 Super Club 2 Sponsorship Loo
and installations...
Crumpler Next Wave 2008 Super Club 2 Sponsorship Loo
amidst exulted dancing!
OK the festival is biannual, which gives us time for recuperation: see ya in 2010!
Crumpler Next Wave 2008 Super Club 2 Sponsorship Loo