Thursday, 11 December 2008

Leo Laksi Leica Travel with Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home!

Taking his second crack at our wonderful brand of bags, Mr Laksi 's review of Crumpler's Seven Million Dollar Home is a corker - pure camera pr0n!

I found or re-found this review via Google Alert which sent me this, this morn! We're in there, somewhere... Danger - handsome camera bag warning!


Leo said...

FYI, mentioned the five million in todays posting re the small Billingham Hadley. Cheers

Big BAD Benny said...

For sure - that's how I came across this review, via google alert, the i searched your site with my fingers crossed, 'cos the Hadley review looked so nice! Keep it up and please submit your crumpler reviews and links to us via our website (it's on the product page ;-) BBB)))

Ray said...

I'm a really Crumpler fan. I've also got the GREAT "western lawn" which does double duty as a camera bag. Also a "considerable embarrassment" customized for a hi-tech company. And finally a small slr bag I bought maybe eight years ago. Well made gear.

Big BAD Benny said...

That's... OLD school!
I likes how Crumpler love begats Crumpler LOVE :-)