Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Our gift to YOU - get nekkid - get stencilled - this weekend at Meredith !

You've got the hottest ticket in town, now go the whole hog! If you still have the required energy, or have the means to recreate it, this Sunday at Meredith Music Festival, punters can literally go in the (naked) running for a cool dozen Custom Crumpler Bags on offer to participants in the Meredith Gift nude running race, hosted by the Town Bikes.
This pic is from our inaugural sponsorship year - 2003?

Full details on the race, it's history, quirks and rules are to be found HERE, about halfway down the page. As usual the wonder-folk at the Crumpler Custom Shoppes have out done themselves with the prize bags. You can take a peek at some of my photos from previous years HERE - mind - may be NSFW - of course... :-)
See you under the BIG tree, stage right around 2pm!

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