Thursday, 12 June 2008

Imaginary Bags Bidders Bounty!

Building on the successes of previous Cumpler Custom art bag auctions for good causes and times,

Imaginary Bags report courtesy of local TV station WCCO...

avid punters witnessed the hotly contested auction seeing two of the priceless objets d' top a handsome half grand to the one lucky case connoisseur!

Big thanks to Yassira and all of the Sewers for the amazing job, everyone there was so impressed and couldn't stop raving about the excellent workmanship.

And could you blame them?

These wonders have to be seen to be truly appreciated and, I believe, still well undervalued by collectors everywhere.

A big thanks to the crew from One On One Bike Studio as seen on

Finally, how long can you stare at the Imaginary Bags?

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