Monday, 17 November 2008

Sinking Barge by Gear Gals!!!

Gear Gals got their mits on the Sinking Barge laptop photo backpack - but it didn't set their world on fire*!* These Gals don't seem to have that base need to have a compact D-SLR kit and laptop etc with themselves at ALL times. On the other hand, give them time and they might just come around to that state of gear-headedness, maybe :-) But if you're a Gal or shopping for a gal - get the intel on a bunch of outdoorsy stuff here!


Geargals said...

Hey, we liked the bag - don't get us wrong! I really, really tried to become a photographer just so I could use the bag. One night I even stuck all my search and rescue stuff from my "hasty" pack into it because I liked all the compartments and really wanted to use the bag, since I don't carry cameras around. But it kind of was a bit too barge-like for search and rescue, alas. For cameras, though, I think it's awesome. Did that not come through in the review?

Big BAD Benny said...

Oh yeah it came through!
Being bargey the bag is an acquired taste, easily overcome if one is addicted to travelling and commuting with a full complement of toys...

Did y'all notice the padded camera compartment is removable?
And that the upper and lower compartments are unifiable via a Velcro door?

Cheers, BBB)))