Saturday, 27 October 2007

Crumpler Customer Q&A: Stashing a rather nice Canon Kit! 6 Million Dollar Home vs. 7 Million Dollar Home!

Hi, and thanks for your quick response!

I have to choose between a 6 Million Dollar Home or a 7 Million Dollar Home.
My photo gear to be carried in the bag will be a Canon EOS 5D with grip and a 24-105/4 mounted and a 70-200/2,8 IS, both with hood (can be reversed)
and an additional 16-35/2,8 II plus a 580 EX flash and some smaller items..
I would like the bag as small as possible, but at the same time adequate for my gear.
Is there any equipment in your inventory that will help to keep the flap pocket tidy?
What are these two bags called in Europe?
Best regards

Hi Cobber!
My feeling is that the 7 million Dollar Home will suit this equipment.
See below for my Nikon equipment, both in and out of the bag.

Generally for these internal pic I try not to overfill or cram the bags with gear, so as not to induce unrealistic expectations as to the fit.

The F100 + grip is similarly sized to the 5D + grip combo as are the 70-200mm AFS VR / L IS pair.
Ditto the 20-35mm f/2.8D / 16-35mm L.

I have the body/grip face down with a fairly short 14mm f/2.8 mounted, the 5D + grip and 24-105mm should fit fine (I guess it's shorter overall than the 70-200, for instance), just support the body with the padding.

The 16-35mm should take up the space i used for an extra speedlight, speedlight controller, 10.5mm fisheye and the Joby Gorillapods.

From memory, I put 2 speedlights next to each other. top left, the 20-35 below it, bottom left.
The SU-800 controller and 10.5mm fisheye were stashed either side of the downward pointing camera body 14mm lens combo.

the 7 Million Dollar Home (above).

The 6 Million Dollar Home (above). This could be good for your gear but as you can see in the pic, the big battery grip on the 5D would be the 'deal breaker'.

For a bigger bodied camera (with a grip) and a coupla extras, the 6 Mill is a perfect compact bag!

The Million Dollar Homes are light but tough, they have a plastic stiffening layer on the bottom, but please don't ever drop the bag!

As for Crumpler Europe product, I'm not sure - I suggest you browse their website and look at the 'Pretty Boy' series.

We make a range of pouches that can affix to the bags side or main straps - the Thirsty Al's

and the Bundle

these could help you keep organized!

- Also try a flickr search:
Change the "6" to a "7" in the search box to see the difference.

- And try a search on CamBags : Use the search term: Crumpler "6 Million" after hitting the "search" button top left on this page:
or hit this link:

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further information or assistance. BBB))

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