Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Rock n' Roll Racing at the Double Down Saloon!


Dateline: InterBike Las Vegas 07

- Crumpler , Surly, Kreitler Rollers and LeVeL Components sponsored GoldSprintsNYC Rock n' Roller Racing at the legendary DoubleDown Saloon in luverly Las Vegas, baby!

Check out the slide show of the big edit: HERE


About the DoubleDown:

it's an oasis of reality in alternative universe, open 24hrs, you can never leave 'cos the carpet is too sticky, try the Bacon Martini - for breakfast!
In short, I love it!
It can be found at the back of a somewhat dilapidated strip mall, off Paradise, map HERE! It's Rock n Roll grunge Heaven!


After dragging ourselves (the Crumpler Crew) away from a frenetic first day of Interbike '07, we hit Nobu (above) at the LV HardRock for a high protein + carbs hit (aka sushi :)

and then onto get the party started at DoubleDown,
which is just up and over the road a bit...


The GetSum Entertainment chaps were all set up and good to go, and the battles began in earnest!

Gym rat and Crumpler USA GM, Lindsay decimated myself 17-19 secs after I put in an "easy" start WTH? - learnt my mistake, never again!
Hey send me a pic if you have one - I was busy spinning!

Next up was Crumpler.Ca's Jason vs. Dave grudge match which saw ex-messenger Dave annihilate former parasailer now big cheese Jason, definitively.


Finalizing our efforts was Bianca ("not a sprinter!" - Marketing USA) vs. June - (Up for anything/NYC Window Dressing supremo)... which despite concerted coaching efforts on my behalf (spin, SPIN!!!) saw June KO the pale rider from Williamsburg...


In between all this dilettante action (:-) the real hard men and women of GoldSprints ripped it to pieces culminating in a best-of-night time down in the 15 second area. A crowd of sweaty bikers sunk the brews as the DJ cranked out punk and rock classics and a bodacious burlesque beauty:ben2007092714NX.142.lo did her thing on the covered pool tables for major tippage.

Here's another tip: don't jump the bike off the rollers or it'll be 10 on the floor for you, like this hapless chap:


All of which proves that if you're lucky enough to have this Kirin-in-a-box styled event come to a venue near you, then don't hesitate to race, it's an absolute blast - regardless of your skill level.



With the sushi worn off, confident in the night's success, and another long day at the show beckoning, we dragged ourselves off for a midnight feast and a few hours shuteye, thanks GoldSprints NYC!!!

More pics and gory detail available over at - just click one of the above pics to be transported!
Whilst you are over there please feel free to leave some comments and captions behind... BBB)))


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