Monday, 3 December 2007

Douggie! and the Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home

There's a new character in the Crumpler universe, Ladies and Gentlemen... meet DOUGGIE! Chef, Dee-Jay and exotic kilt styler Douggie is a true post-renaissance man for this modern age and as we found out - had just the patience to endure a week shooting 360's of Crumpler's finest, including our range-topping Brazillion Dollar Home. This indeed was an exceptional occasion, being the inaugural shoot in our new photo studio at Crumpler HO in Kensington. (more on which, later...) Eventually you'll find Douggie in the detail pics on each and every Crumpler Product Page, demonstrating exactly how big or little the bags are, and how they look from all angles. We made the 360's on a Crumpler Built turntable (thanks Joel!) using a Quantum radio remote triggered Nikon D2x w/ 17-35 AFS, and my Speedlight kit, comprising an SU-800, 2 x SB-800's, 3x SB-600's a lone SB-26 and lot of Crumpler Made light modifiers! I processed the raw files in DXO Pro Optics and assembled the .gif's in CS2. A huge task which is by no means over... A BIG cheers to everyone who helped out :-)

And check out the response on X Marks the Scot!

So glad they appreciate the sporran joke!

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