Monday, 3 December 2007

Crumpler Customer Q&A: Camera Bag for Panasonic DMC FZ 18


Could you please advise me of the bag you would recommend for a Panasonic DMC FZ 18 digital camera with spare battery etc

Thanks, Mate



The Bundle L or 1 Million Dollar Home should do the trick!

the main differences (see tech specs) are colourways, strap width, internal divider supplied or not and belt attachment provision on the rear of bag (I'll let u work all that out! :-)

Here's a pic with a Canon S2IS

Here's an Amazon Crumpler review on the 1 Million Dollar Home.

From memory, these Pana digicams have a huge reversible hood, if you want to stash the cam with that in the shooting position, you might go up a size to the 2 Million Dollar Home, then you'll also be ready to upgrade to an entry level D-SLR w/ standard lens.
Let me know how you fare... BBB)))

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