Sunday, 17 February 2008

Crumpler F-f-f artography Bags on F-f-faceBook!

Trawling through group discussions about photographers, camera gear and especially Crumpler photo bags, I came across this gem about how much Canon gear can be stuffed into a 7 Million Dollar Home. Scrolling up I came across what looked like a visual shopping list for the seriously Gear Acquisition Syndrome afflicted.
Now, of course it's a vain and teleological exercise to list one's life achievements in life solely in material terms - the boastful hoard of gear listed in your profile, pity about those mediocre pics one might be churning out incessantly :-) - but we all do it, don't we, or at least, I do. GUILTY!!!
Anyhow, you'd have to be fairly weirder to cut and paste photos of said equipment or ahhh... provide links, right?
Well those crafty Canadians, pioneers of social networking, have provided a funner, betterer way, and have even provided, for all of us cargo cultists, a wish list and all through the panopticon of F-f-faceBook!

So, so what then, then? Some bright spark has added Canadian Crumpler bags to the mix is what!

There's already a ton of esoterica listed like the Manfrotto 303SPH, so dear to mine heart, but having been there and done that, it's early days yet - for instance I had to substitute more modern lenses for some of my ancient primes e.g. 35mm f/2 for 35mm f/1.4N, 50mm f/1.4 for my 55mm f/1.2, 400mm AFS for my AFI and indeed the Crumpler range is also somewhat incomplete :-)
I don't doubt there isn't some crazed individual out there "fixing" things this minute!

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