Monday, 7 April 2008

It's Bre-e-eding Season - Beware Rampant Storkers

Crumpler bags for (Mr) Mums?

From me ol mate, Gunnar Funquarsson enquires:
Hi Ben,

My wife wanted me to tell you she is desperately awaiting the arrival of a Crumpler bag designed for Mums and their bubs. Find the 'perfect' bag to lug nappies, change gear, thermal compartments, plus general handbag stuff for Mum is damn hard. She dropped big bucks on one good brand - but she wishes you guys had one of your own.

Anything on the horizon?

Pipes responds:

Nice one, you already know all the Crumpler bags are the world's very best baby bags!

Just add your favorite baby blanket/s nappies, recyclable used-nappy disp bag etc... Urrrgh!

It’s nice to know the bag could well outlast the infancy, notwithstanding sick stains!

Bottles generally stand up in the front pocket/s, if it's freezing cold outside - use one of our padded (insulated) camera or laptop bags.

Best thing about it - stealth - they just don't scream 'breeder' or ‘baby brand ho’ when you're travelling - incognito.

Now y'all didn't need to be spoon-fed that did youse? Choo-choo! :-)

OHMSS: a classic red Western Lawn got us through 3 ot the wee ones, now (happily) 7,9 and 11.

But also take a peek at The Hoax, Soupansalad, Barney Rustle Blankets just for beginners!

The Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home is for, like, twins on the bottle!


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jumanji said...

Speaking of requests... before the advent of Crumpler Shops; back in the day when the bags were usually only found in Outdoor/Camping/Adventure stores and the like, and what I'm about to request is pretty much not Crumpler territory per se, but would it be possible for Crumpler to make rock climbing chalk bags?